• About Us
    Founded in 1985, Reliable Refrigeration Plus is locally owned and operated. 
    We have a staff of friendly, fully insured, and licensed technicians available around the clock for your emergency needs.  
    We offer Scheduled Service Contracts to optimize your equipment's performance and your energy savings. 
    Each Scheduled Service Contract is personalized to fit your needs.
    Reliable Refrigeration Plus is factory authorized to service and install equipment from many manufacturers including Hoshizaki, Kolpak, Manitowoc Commercial, Scotsman, etc.
    Reliable Refrigeration Plus can also custom design an installation to fit your individual location.
    LG has selected Reliable Refrigeration Plus as an LG Excellence Contractor! 
    Being selected as an LG Excellence Contractor means Reliable Refrigeration Plus can offer longer warranties on new LG units! 
    These extended warranties are exclusive to LG Excellence Contractors and are not available elsewhere.
    Contact Reliable Refrigeration Plus today!